He did the same

He loved her a lot.
She didn’t.
He wanted her to be his.
She didn’t.

He stared at her all the time.
She didn’t even looked at him.
He saved all her profile pictures.
She didn’t even saw any one of his.

He saw her in his dreams.
She never thought of him.
He wanted to talk to her.
She didn’t want to see him.

Things changed after a while.
She waits for a text from him.
He never replies.
She wants now a million calls from him.
He never tries.

She wants him back.
He will never return.
She wants him in front of her eyes.
But he can never open his eyes again.

He cried because of her.
He made her do the same.
She ignored him.
He did the same forever.

He was alone once.
He was broken once.
But now,
Everything is opposite.
He left her alone.
He left her broke.
He left forever.

She couldn’t see him again.
She couldn’t hear his voice again.

She could only pray.
For his soul to rest in peace.


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