I don’t want her again

I didn’t want to lose her,
That was the only fear.
Rolling down my eyes,
Were the silent tears.

I called her number several times,
She didn’t answer back.
I texted her a million times,
She never replied back.

I never wanted her to leave,
But she decided not to stay.
It was her decision to put a full stop,
I could only give away.

In the long course of time,
When I decided to move on.
Suddenly a text from her,
Can we hang on?

A slideshow started in my mind,
Of the old memories and that time.
Some of the happiest moments,
And the day, she left me crying.

She thought I would accept her again,
But all her tantrums went in vain.
What if she leaves again?
I am not ready for another pain.


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