I Love her

I want to make all her dreams true. No matter she is having big dreams.

I want her to say, “he is mine” for the rest of her life. I want to be hers forever.

I want her to hug me whenever she’s afraid of anything. Anything means Anything.

Whenever she’s I’ll, I want to be the one who takes care of her.

I want to cook with her in our kitchen. I know she’s lazy.
I want to make her happy by making her favorite dish, whenever she’s upset, to make her normal and loving.

I want her to sit beside me, whenever we go for a romantic ride.

I want to become a joker for her to make her smile when she gets angry.

I want her to say “I hate you” while hugging me with tears in her eyes.

I want her to hold my hand in the public and say proudly, “he’s mine.”

I want to keep that cute ‘lat of hair’ behind her ears when she’s sleeping. I want her use my arm as her pillow.

I want her to fight with me, whenever she’s in a mood of ‘masti’.

I want her to demand anything from me which she wants.

I want to take a lot of care of her always.

I want her to love me when she’s in a romantic mood.

I want to be the one to compliment her at every occasion and every day that she’s looking so beautiful.

I want to be a good boy for her.

I want to be a boy who is loyal and trustable.

I want to be the one for whom she’s a heartbeat.

I want her to take care of my parents like a daughter. I’ll be a loyal, caring son for her parents.

I just want a family with her.

I want her in my life till I die.

I want her to be mine forever.

“I love her”.


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