Why celebrate women’s day?

Those who never talk to their mom politely,
Are the ones celebrating women’s day today.
Those who raise hands on their sisters,
Are the ones celebrating women’s day today.
Those who treat their wife as a slave,
Are the ones celebrating women’s day today.
Those who always discriminate between their daughter and son,
Are the ones celebrating women’s day today.

The most number of posts on women’s day are from those who don’t even talk to them properly.
Trending hashtags- #Happy_women_s_day are mostly from those who molest the females.

Everyday we hear cases of rape, molestation and domestic violence,
And we are proudly celebrating women’s day.
The girl is killed even before she takes birth,
But it’s important to celebrate women’s day.

Everyone in the family is filled with joy, happiness and enthusiasm when a boy is born,
But when a girl takes birth, the same family mourns as if someone has dead.

People worship females,
But they don’t want their child to be a female.
They want the best girl to be married to their son,
But they don’t want a baby girl in their home.

She gets raped in a short skirt, in a saree and even in a burkha.
How does her dressing sense provokes?
She gets raped at the age of 5, 18, 40 and even at 80.
How does the age matters?
She gets raped, no matter she’s a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or from any religion.
How can religion save them?
It’s not the dress, age, religion or anything like that which matters.
What matters is the thinking.

What’s the point of celebrating women’s day when you don’t mean what you’re saying?
Just for one day, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram are filled with posts related to women’s day and from the next day everyone forgets.
What’s the need of these posts when you don’t want to?

If you really want to empower women, support them daily,
Don’t talk about women empowerment only on women’s day.
If you are taking oath to be with them,
Follow what you said, daily.
No need to celebrate women’s day only for likes on facebook and retweets on twitter.

Respect girls whole year,
And everyday will be a women’s day.

Thank You.

Picture source: Internet

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