What is Love?


What is love?

Does love only means having a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Does love only means holding hands and walking in public.

Does love only means changing the relationship status from single to “In a relationship” on facebook?

Well, I don’t think so.

Love is when my mom kisses me and says her child is the best.

Love is when my dad calls me every evening and asks how was my day.

Love is when my brother says that he is waiting to meet me.

Love is when my moodless sister says to bring her gifts when I return home.

When I cry, my roomates leave everything and sit with me, that’s love.

When I fall while walking on the streets and my friends laugh before helping me to get up, that’s love.

When I share my problems with my best friends and they give the best advice, that’s love.

When someone who is not my girlfriend holds my hand on a slippery road, that’s love.

Love does not only means having a bf or gf with whom you talk late nights.

Love does not means having someone who calls you shona, babu, baby, aloo, tamatar, bla bla bla.

Love is having those friends who can’t talk to you without abusing.

Love is when some friend says “don’t worry, I’m always with you.”

Love is another name of “care”.


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