Another Love Story

He saw her in his dreams every night,

And every morning when he woke up,

He woke up with an aching pain,

That none of them were real.


She was his friend .

She was his love.

He was afraid.

Afraid of the thought of losing her.


He wanted her to be his.

He proposed her and she said she felt the same.

Since then she became,

The best part of his life.


Missing her became his hobby.

Caring for her became his job.

Making her smile became his duty,

And she…she became his life.


They loved each other the most .

They stayed together.

But things changed,

And he began to die in her memory.


He wanted her to stay .

He wanted her to be with him.

He wanted her to be his.

But she wanted happiness which she found in someone else.


She left him broke.

She left him alone.

He screamed , he cried, he begged.

But she was gone.


He started writing to forget her,

With the pen she gifted.

Only his pillow and that pen,

Knew the amount of pain he felt.


When he wrote the last page of his book,

He cried the night.

And then he slept with a wish.

A wish never to wake up again.


She came at his funeral 

Everyone was crying except him.

He was buried smiling.

He finally got her attention.


She put the flowers down.

She stared at him.

He stared back from the grave.

It was the first time he smiled when she cried.


He smiled, she cried.

With his photograph close to her heart,

She too went to sleep till eternity.

This way ended,

Another love story…


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