Vishnu – a 66 year old gardner of the NBA family is not only a gardener but also the caretaker of home of many insects, cats and peacocks.

Today I realized that behind the beauty of the beautiful garden of Jain TV, is the hard work of this old man. When everyone was busy enjoying the rainy day, he was the one busy maintaining the beauty of the garden.

He joined NBA 26 years ago in 1990 at a salary of Rs 800/- per month and today he is working at only Rs 8000/-. It seems impossible that with this salary he has managed to raise his four children- two boys and two daughters. He told that for his daughters’ marraige, he has taken loan from Jain Studios which he had paid back. 

Vishnu’s hardwork and constant dedication has given NBA a beautiful garden woth some beautiful creatures. Be it a sunny day, be it a rainy day, he keeps on doing his job. When I asked him that how he manages all this, his answer was in the form of a smile and he was again busy cutting the grasses. 


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